API for proxy checker


  1. proxy_list - proxy list in IP:PORT:USERNAME:PASSWORD (IP:PORT) format

API for proxy checker

API for proxy checker, facilitate the process of checking private servers for validity and performance. The need to use programs arises from users working with a large number of IP addresses for promoting accounts in social networks, parsing search queries, collecting keywords, etc.

Features and API types for proxy checker

The main disadvantages of public proxy servers include:

  1. Low internet connection speed.
  2. High ping - considering this fact, experienced users do not recommend using free proxies for online games.
  3. Insufficient level of anonymity.

These disadvantages do not allow you to comfortably perform the necessary actions on the network, taking away a lot of time and nerves, but not everyone can afford to spend money to buy personal proxies. To solve such problems, you can use the API to check the proxy checker online, you can quickly check ip addresses for availability, determine the current download speed of web pages and get additional information about the server location.

API for proxy checker for free

The free API for checking the proxy servers HTTP (S) and SOCKS on our website - to provide you with a lot of advantages:

  1. Obtaining detailed and reliable information about location, speed, ping, level of anonymity and type of proxy.
  2. Export the results that are needed at the moment.
  3. Processing any number of requests in minutes.
  4. Application API for checker paid and free proxies.
  5. Convenience of working with the program - to start a scan, it is enough to know only the address of the server being used.

We offer APIs that are compatible with any operating systems, both on computers and on mobile devices.

Using the API to check the proxy servers, you will avoid blockages on websites and social networks, forget about the low speed of the Internet connection, failures and malfunctions. Using the service is advisable not only for SEO-masters and SMM-marketers, but also for ordinary users who want to get maximum opportunities from visiting the Internet.