Online check of proxy servers

Check proxy online is a special online service that allows you to determine the performance and level of anonymity of a personal server.

  • Check IPv4 proxy
  • Checking for private proxies and none
  • HTTP(S) and SOCKS(4,5) validation
  • Protocol, country and city definition
  • High check speed

Check proxy
online for free

Check proxy online is a special online service that allows you to determine the performance and level of anonymity of a personal server. The main purpose of proxies is to provide the user with comfort and security of personal data when working online. In addition, individual addresses help:

  • Save traffic.
  • Reduce the ping by 2-3 times – so it is recommended to use a proxy if you like online games.
  • Increase web page load speeds.

Regular checking of online proxies with a validator is a guarantee of reliability and longevity of the server.

Why proxies
stop working

Connectivity problems, reduced Internet connection speeds are most often reported by users who use free proxies. The main problem with public servers is their availability. Such addresses may be used by several people at the same time, which leads to negative consequences: at least web pages will load much slower than before. But compared to the threat to information security, this is nothing. Regular use of an online proxy checker takes minimal time and allows you to be sure that private data is protected.
Checking proxies online won’t hurt, even if you bought a paid server with login and password authentication. Although such IP addresses are highly confidential, they are not immune to premature failure either. However, there is an undeniable advantage of the paid proxies as compared to the free ones: if the proxy check results show a low level of anonymity, you have only to contact your service provider to get a new proxy for free.

Checking proxies online:
methods of checking

You can check your proxy server in one of the following ways:

  • Use the free program Universal Network Checker on our website

This method shows accurate results and allows you to identify problems with proxies – there is no point in saying that the option is better or worse. However, advanced users more often choose online checkers – they are faster and easier, especially if you need to quickly check a large number of servers.

Thanks to the variety of free software, you will easily find a suitable solution, taking into account your personal requirements for the interface and functionality of the service. All you have to do is type “online proxy checker” into your search engine.

Checking proxies online for free

Checking the performance of HTTP(S) or SOCKS proxies with our online checking tool will give you detailed information about the server you are using:

LocationCountry, region or city
Typeof proxy protocol
Speed of Internet connection

Knowing this information will save you a lot of time and effort when doing your daily work on the Internet. We especially recommend verification if you work with valuable data (logins, passwords, phone numbers, bank cards codes, payment systems, etc.).