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How did the Internet appear and how did its speed evolve?

The history of the development of the Internet began in the middle of the twentieth century, especially since 1957, when the U.S. Defense Research Projects Agency (ARPA) was founded. Representatives of the agency asked if local computers could be connected via long-distance telephone lines.
The first system connecting four computers was launched in 1969 for military purposes. Soon the ARPAnet computer network was up and running, making it available not only to the military, but also to other services and organizations. In 1973 it gained international status.
A revolutionary moment in the development of the World Wide Web was the development of the TCP/IP protocol, launched in the 80s. This allowed users to connect to the network through a telephone line. During the next decade, not only text but also multimedia information was transmitted over the network.
In the 2000s of the 21st century, the commercial part of the MIA began to form, and search networks, operating systems and data centers emerged.
As technology advances, so does the speed of the Internet. Network equipment and the way web data was transmitted was changing rapidly. Initially, telephone cables with a modem were used, so that Internet connection speeds reached 56 Kbps.
With the advent of publicly available resources and an increase in the number of connected computers, the amount of information transmitted grew rapidly. This is how the concept of broadband access with the transmission speed of over 128 Kbps appeared.
Distribution of network cables and optical fibers had a positive influence on the speed growth. Today the maximum possible traffic exceeds 9 Gbit/s but the developers don’t stop at that.

Internet connection speeds: the main problems

In the era of digitalization, low Internet speeds can interfere with urgent work. The reasons for this lie in both the user’s internal network and in the external system.

  • Frequency and channel congestion. Wireless Internet is powered by 2.4 or 5 GHz radio waves. The signal passes through the walls of the room and is used by other devices nearby. As a result, the frequencies are overloaded and the actual internet speed is degraded.
  • Gadget specifications. If the connection speed is slow even with a direct connection to the Internet cable, you should check the settings. The network card may not support the speed guaranteed by the operator.
  • Router software. The connection speed should be supported not only by the computer, but also by the router. It is better to install new software for this purpose.
  • Location and power of the router. In addition to special software, the location of the router in the room plays a big role. It is recommended to place it away from walls and corners, ideally under the ceiling. In addition, the number of devices connected to the router in one room is important.
  • Wireless network standard. When buying a personal computer, mobile device, or router, you should pay attention to wireless network standards, giving priority to newer ones.
  • Using an outdated version of your browser. Web browsers regularly offer users updates that directly affect the loading of web pages.
  • Infection of the operating system with viruses. When malware gets on your computer, it often slows it down until the potentially dangerous sources are eliminated.
  • Using programs that take up traffic. Running multiple programs and downloading files in parallel can affect your connection.
  • Использование программ, отнимающих трафик. Параллельное использование нескольких программ и загрузка файлов может влиять на соединение.

Fast and reliable speed test

The online service offers a fast and free speed test. You will get accurate results and will be able to identify problems with individual IP addresses.
Knowing this information will save you a lot of time and effort when performing everyday and professional tasks on the Internet.
In order to measure the Internet speed of your computer, phone, and other device properly, it is recommended that you disable applications and programs for downloading files.

Internet speed test: efficiency and benefits

For the average user, connection traffic may not be critical. However, for experienced subscribers and people associated with the promotion of the site, it is necessary to control this parameter.
A qualitative test of Internet speed is to determine the average speed of data transfer over a certain period of time. In this case, a small amount of data is transferred to the site with the test service and back.
You can find out the Internet speed for the following purposes:

  • Evaluating the quality of the provider and the bandwidth of the network channels.
  • Managing the load through the proxy.
  • Checking the available amount of data received on the network card.
  • Wireless network load analysis.
  • Checking the speed of loading web content on the site (for SEO specialists).