Check IP for blacklists and spam bases


Check IP address for Black Lists

Our life, work and communication are closely connected to the Internet. Every user has an email, through which there is a need to send important information. It happens that the letters do not get to the addressee and it is up to us to find out what the cause of this.
Often there is a need to check a suspicious IP address, which sends spam and can hide behind fake bots and hackers. In this article we’ll describe in detail why you need to check the IP address, the criteria of delivery of emails, the reasons for blacklisting and how the verification service works.

Why should I check IP in spam databases?

If your IP is in a spam database, spam filters will reject your mail even if you’re a decent user and have never sent spam. The reasons for this are simple:

  • there is a chance that you got an IP that was highlighted in the spam
  • The reader has decided they don’t need your newsletter.

It is safe to say that sooner or later every IP will be blacklisted. And in order to check if you have got to one of the 220 largest spam lists in the world on purpose or if you need to check some suspicious protocol on your own, you can use a proxy verification service.

Criteria for delivering the mail to the addressee

So, when we start sending information we use the IP of our ISP. If we send parcels using a special service, their protocol is used. And it’s the IP that can bring down even the coolest advertising company that took months of work to develop. Let’s see why.
After the e-mail is sent, it passes through spam filters which decide whether or not it reaches the recipient. In this case, the spam filters focus on the sender’s rating and the content of the message. So remember the cleaner the IP address the higher the rating and the higher the probability that the email is sent to the inbox and not to the blacklists. If the rating is high, the spam filter doesn’t bother to “read” the email at all and just gives the okay to send it.

What affects IP reputation

So, the main reasons for blacklisting IPs are:

  • The number of mailings from one server,
  • A lot of complaints and bans in the mailing lists of the sender
  • Targeted spam mailing
  • Violation of unspoken rules of behavior on the Internet
  • If the email contains links to domains which are already blacklisted
  • Incorrectly formatted text from the point of view of the spam filter

It may happen that you are clean and there is nothing to complain about, but your emails will still end up in the spam database. In this case it is possible that you have a “bad” IP or the server has received a blacklisted IP. This often happens if you use virtual mail services and not professional ones that have a dedicated IP. We recommend only using professional shippers.

How Proxy Checking Works

So, we already know that the service of checking IP addresses is designed to quickly get information about the protocol. The principle of operation is as follows:

  • you need to enter the IP to check,
  • then you need to press the “check” button.

In a few seconds you will get a result in the form of a list of DNSBL networks from several bases, or the answer “yes” or “no”. That’s all. Simple, fast, informative.