Universal Proxy Checker

Universal Proxy Checker is a network service that helps determine the validity and visibility of your computer on the Internet for free. Our main tasks are fast and effective checking of large volumes of IP-addresses for reliability and safety of personal data when working on the Internet.

By contacting our service, we guarantee that we can reliably and accurately check the necessary data in unlimited quantities. All necessary tools for this we already have.

About Us

Tools for checking IP-addresses

  • Check ipv6 connection. This service helps to identify and fix problems with the proxy server.

Most often the problem of low Internet speed occurs with those users who use public IP, because the same proxy server can be used by several people at the same time. But even if you buy paid ipv6 proxies, do not neglect to check the proxy checker, because there are no guarantees for the stable operation of the server during its lifetime.

  • Check ipv4. Validation of ipv4 proxy is required if you use a large number of IP addresses at the same time. You can check online for free on our website. Or you can buy anonymous ipv4 proxies, which are ideal for promoting social media accounts, visiting entertainment sites and analyzing search queries.
  • Port availability check. This service determines the level of protection of your computer from scammers and hackers.
  • Find out your P. With Proxy Checker you can find out your IP online, without having to download a special program from the Internet.
  • Anonymity in the network. Our proxies help to determine your IP, check the visibility of your computer on the Internet, whether the data given by your computer/browser matches the data given by your IP-address.
  • Blacklisting. Every user has an e-mail account through which you need to send important information. It happens that emails don’t reach the addressee and it’s up to us to find out what’s the reason for that. Often there is a need to check a suspicious IP-address, which sends spam and can hide behind fake bots and hackers. Using our proxy checker tool, you can check the IP address you need to see if it’s on the blacklist.
  • Proxy Verification API. Simplify the process of checking and verifying the performance of private servers. If you work with a large number of IP addresses, promote accounts in social networks, analyze search queries, collect keywords, you should use proxy verification. You can do it with us for free.

Buying free servers. Free servers are designed to bypass blocked access to sites “banned” by the law of the country, by place of work or study. Finding public addresses on the Internet is not difficult, but to ensure a comfortable work, you need to know how to choose the right IP for certain tasks. So, ipv4 proxy versions are suitable for promotion of accounts in Russian social networks, and if you want to freely visit foreign web portals, it is better to buy ipv6.