Port check

Check the port availability check openness by IP address

Port availability check allows you to determine the level of protection of your computer from Internet fraud and hacker attacks. You can do this with special Internet services, knowing the unique number and address. After accessing the Internet your device gets a personal IP address from the service provider and becomes known under this unique number. Knowing the result of port checking by IP-address it is easier to understand the “weaknesses” of the networks in use and solve problems faster.

What is a computer port

Ports defined by the scanner are opened upon request when a particular program needs to communicate with remote servers. This makes it possible to connect to it. Each port has its own reserved number – it can be simply checked. This is provided by the TCP or IP protocol. So, if the browser connects to the port whose number corresponds to the desired location, in response the browser receives encrypted data – this code appears as a web resource.
Checking port availability by IP is allowed if the computer or mobile device is assigned an individual address. You can check this information with your service provider.

What the availability check shows

The IP availability check can show a port as:
Closed. It indicates that it is now impossible to connect to the port through the server, i.e. the contents of your computer are safely protected from hacker attacks and online fraudsters. The “closed” status indicates a high level of privacy. If you want an inaccessible port to be open, the problem is in the wrong configuration of the network connection or software. In such a situation, it is recommended that you check the access rights of the desired program.
Open. The openness of a port indicates its availability for Internet users and the possibility to connect to it via a remote server. If it is not required, you should check the services running – perhaps they are using the network access port at the time. A common cause of availability is exposure to malware. To avoid leakage of personal data, additionally check your computer for viruses.

When checking connections on the server, it is important to keep in mind: if the gadget is connected to the network via a Wi-Fi router, the results of the availability check refer directly to the router. You can check the openness within a subnet by performing a redirect. This process is a router setup, after which user requests from the Internet are redirected to computers connected to the local network.
You can check the availability of connections by the IP address on your device or by using special software. The second option is preferable since many free utilities display other important information besides the openness check: server location, download speed of a web page, privacy level, ping, etc.

Check the port by IP-address

Using our service, you can quickly check the availability of the port by IP address and determine whether the site is ready to receive connections. All you need to do is fill in the address and click the check button. The scanner will not only show open and closed ports, but also the program using the port. Our site works with TCP and UDP versions.
By checking the availability of ports, you can also find out the current speed of your Internet connection, the IP address of the specific site and the geographical information of the server. This information will help you identify and solve network problems.