Checking HTTPS protocol online


Site security protocol http/https

The website protocol (https or http) is a set of rules that help the exchange of data between the user and the server and shows us how anonymous the data exchange is: whether it is encrypted and how it is sent.

How http works

The protocol allows communication between the server and the user. You send an “http” request to a web resource, which provides the server with the necessary data, and then send a response containing information about the request.
During http transmission data is transmitted in an unsecured form, so a huge number of connections are made, and certainly at least one of them is under the control of unauthorized users, information about you can be intercepted by unauthorized persons.
It is very important to protect personal data transfer services and payment systems. That’s why such services have the HTTPS security protocol in all browsers, which is automatically activated when necessary.


What is HTTPS security

Transmitted information is protected by cryptographic protocol SSL/TLS. The security features are:
– encryption of personal data,
– correction of accidental or intentional changes in transmitted requests,
– protection of your data from attacks, interception of attacks on your privacy,
– trust sites that work with HTTPS.

How an HTTPS connection works

When you connect to a site, a special key is generated by which all personal data is encrypted and is completely safe. Only you and the page that receives the request know the key. To protect your anonymity, a digital certificate is included that identifies the requested page and contains all your information. Data exchange between the server and the user begins only after the validity of the digital certificate has been verified.

HTTPS scope

HTTPS is built into every modern browser and its use is quite wide:
– electronic payment systems,
– Websites of banks and other financial institutions,
– pages that process your personal data,
– systems that focus on informational anonymity.

Many protocols fail from time to time and lead to leaks of personal data. That’s why protocols are regularly updated and become more secure. Try updating your browsers and other programs to the latest version.

How to check https online

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