What is an anonymizer and how to use it


What is an anonymizer and how it works

Many users who actively use the Internet want to be unrecognizable on the Internet. In such cases, they will need an anonymizer (synonymous with proxy server for this term). Also for those who like to visit various sites that can be blocked, an anonymizer comes in handy. For example, at work you like to sit in social networks, play and chat with friends, listen to music, watch YouTube and the like, but it is not recommended to do it during working hours, because the boss is sure to make a remark – you came to work, not to have fun. That’s why all companies turn to specialists to block all distracting web resources.

Let’s understand what anonymizer is and how to use it.

It is impossible not to mention that every computer has its own identifier in the form of a unique IP-address, which is not repeated anywhere else in the world and its location can be calculated. The task of the anonymizer is to replace or hide the IP address, so it must use a remote proxy server or a web proxy. When the desired page address is specified, the following happens:
– The remote service processes the data by sending a request on its behalf,
– The resulting response is sent to the user’s terminal.

What anonymizers are there

The word anonymizer comes from the word “anonymous” or “anonymity”. From this it becomes clear that a user who uses an anonymizer does not risk being identified because he or she is using a fake P.

To understand how anonymizers work, let’s understand what they are. There are three categories of software:
– Software that needs to be installed on your computer or phone,
– Remote proxy servers,
– Online services,
– Add-ons and plug-ins for web browsers.

Using programs or which anonymizer is better

To understand which anonymizer is better, let’s talk more about the above programs:

– VPN – the easiest and most convenient service built into some browsers. You can visit sites with limited access, but keep in mind that the speed of your connection may decrease.

– TOR is a special program that has the functions of a web browser. The program requires constant testing when running and does not work very fast, although for connecting to sites this option is quite suitable.

– Special plug-ins and applications, initially giving out lists of proxies, through which you connect to the requested page with the change of P.

– Internet services, which are the most popular, safe and easy to visit websites. It is enough to enter the address of a blocked resource, go to the site, enter your data and communicate with friends in peace.

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