What is an IP address? Where do I buy an IP address?


What is an IP address

Every computer has its own digital address – IP, which translates to “Internet Protocol”. IP is required to access the network and to communicate between computers.

The Internet Protocol contains unique IP addresses. They are:
– publicly used on the global Internet.
– Private, used, for example, by a company to create a local network.

IP addresses can also be divided into:
– static. Addresses that will always remain the same for any number of accesses to the network, no matter how many times you log off the network and reboot your computer.
– dynamic. Addresses that will change to new ones each time you log on to the network.

Each personal computer has its own IP, which can be used to track any movement of a user on the network. Knowing this, many people try to hide their real location using private proxies. Separate servers act as intermediaries between the user and the internet portal to which you need to access.

It is worth knowing your IP address if you want to keep your privacy with an anonymizer. This is especially true for users who use free proxies, as regular IP checks for correctness and anonymity are required.

The need to know one’s IP address and location arises when using secure websites. Sometimes the system administrator can ask for information about the computer location.

The location of any IP, and if it is unique, we can calculate it with special programs. You have the opportunity to use our proxy verification service. In a few seconds you will know your location. We guarantee:
– complete anonymity,
– Ease of Checking – everyone, even inexperienced user can understand our service,
– additional information: protocol type, speed, security, etc,
– There is no limitation for IP verification. You can check any number of addresses,
– Accurate data at the moment of check.

Most popular internet protocols

IPv4 is a protocol that transmits data packets. It is present in every computer and is a link in the exchange of information on the Internet. The protocol looks like this: “”. Simply put, IPv4 is a normal IP address. But exactly with its help we can encrypt our real IP and access to the Internet under someone else’s address with perfect impunity.

Internet Protocol IPv6 – a newer connection between users and the Internet, the latest version after IPv4, which, incidentally, is also widely used, but its resource is limited because of the exhausted address space. IPv6 solves this problem by offering the user a huge number of unique IP addresses and a high level of security. It’s not 32 bits, but 128.

Why do we need to know our IP address

When we go online, we leave information about ourselves that can fall into the hands of fraudsters and be used for personal gain. If unscrupulous users know your Internet protocol address, they can easily find it:
– your social media logins and passwords,
– your computer location,
– your email address,
– Payment information.


How to buy an ip address

Individual proxies are better. You can buy them at Proxyline.net

You also have the opportunity to buy free internet protocols at our website. We have an impressive list of IP addresses, so you don’t have to waste time looking for protocols on the Internet. The database of verified validated addresses is regularly updated.