How to find the IP address on your computer


What is the ip address and port on the computer: how to know the ip address and port

Every computer has its own unique IP address, which is needed to access the network and to communicate between computers. Some computers in a network have permanent addresses, others receive them only when they connect – dynamic IP-addresses. For example, you went online, you are assigned IPO, you left the Internet, the same IP became free and will be assigned to another user, who went online.
IP addresses. These are public, which are used on the global Internet, and private, which are used, for example, by a company to create a local network.

Each personal computer has its own IP, which can be used to track any user’s movements on the network. Knowing this, many people try to hide their real location using private proxies. Separate servers act as an intermediary between a user and an internet portal you need to contact.

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To find out the port Windows, you can use standard system tools. To do this, log in to the system with an administrator account. Once logged in, follow these steps:
– press start,
– type cmd and hit enter.
– enter ipconfig and hit “enter”. The IP address is in the “Windows IP address settings”. You must use IPv4.
– enter the command netstat – and press “enter” and a window will open with a list of active TPC/IP connections. You will see the port number to the right of the IP address after the colon. For example,

How do I know the IP address of my notebook?

If you want to know the IP-address of your notebook, open the “Task Manager” with the key combination “Shift”, “Ctrl” and “Esc” and proceed as follows:
– In the window that appears, go to the “Performance” section.
– You will see the “Ethernet” tab in the list on the left. You should open it to find internal IP addresses and “Wi-Fi” to find the external IP address.
– Under the graphic, among other network parameters, you will see your IP address.


How to find out the IP of your server, port and laptop using special software

Use third-party software. For example, TCPView utility, a Microsoft product. You can download it from the manufacturer’s official website. The program provides port information from the beginning.
2. Other programs that can provide port information can be found on the Internet in the public domain.
3. There are various places and online sources to check connections.
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How to locate a computer by IP-address

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