How to change your IP address to a US address


How to change your computer’s IP address to an American one

Experienced users know why you need to change your IP address. Changing your IP address is necessary to access any resource anonymously. In addition to anonymity, switching protocols helps you access sites that are not available in your region. And, of course, you have to change your IP if you get banned from any site. Below we’ll talk about a few ways to change your Internet Protocol address, including the US one.

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Why you need to know how to get a US IP address
Before we talk about how to change your IP address, you need to know what you need it for.

An IP address is assigned to every computer connected to a network. Each country has its own range of IP addresses. If you know the IP address of your device and make the appropriate settings, you can connect to your computer and download all the information. For example, your device has a Russian IP and is blocked on one of the websites. But you can go to this web resource from a computer located in America. That is, if you are communicating with a computer located in America and ask it to download information about itself and pass it to you, you will get everything you want from your intermediary, which is called a proxy server. That way, once you find the right server, you get access to wherever you want.

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How to change your IP address to American

So, we already know that some sites prohibit residents of other countries to use their services. And belonging to a certain country is determined by IP. If you need to bypass these restrictions, there are several ways to do so. So, there are several other ways to change the IP address on your router:
1. Through an anonymous proxy server. You can use a free service and change your IP address to an IP address of another country. You will not spend more than 5 minutes to change the address. And as you already know you can buy a proxy server at

2. Using a paid anonymizer. A good option would be a paid service, because when you change your IP address, such anonymizers offer a selection of IP addresses of another country.

The pluses of proxies are that you have a free choice which country the IP of the proxy server belongs to and that you are not bothered by advertising, because there is none. Unlike anonymizers. And the disadvantages include frequent proxy changes due to their instability. Free proxies are often poorly configured servers, and when administrators detect your actions, access to sites from the IP you use may be denied. In any case you will spend not more than 5 minutes for address changing. You may purchase a proxy server from our site, as you already know.

3. With the help of Tor software, which you can download to your computer or a flash drive, connect to the program network and change the chain of computers, through which you are accessing the requested web resources, until you get an IP address of another country.

4. Through private VPN services operating over the Internet. This network not only encrypts transmitted data and all traffic for all applications, but also allows you to hide your IP and change it to the IP address of another country.

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