Privacy on the Internet


Almost every user tries to hide their data and ensure their privacy on the World Wide Web. Not everyone wants to be in the public eye, to shine a light on their personal life and disseminate personal information. The question arises whether it is possible to ensure complete inaccessibility on the World Wide Web.

Is it possible to be anonymous on the Internet

Experts say that it is impossible to be completely anonymous and that your computer can easily be recognized by its IP address. To conceal the user and his data requires additional technical means, which belong exclusively to the developer. But despite this, you can still make it difficult for your stalkers and set up anonymous access to the Internet yourself. There are ways to do this. But first, let’s talk about what openness online leads to.
If you’re in doubt about whether you should hide your personal information and privacy, we’ll let you know what happens with every request you make to the net, and you decide for yourself.
As soon as you start interacting with a search engine, the system gets its IP address – a number by which it quietly calculates your current location. From now on, every action you take online will be tied to this number. And if this number is calculated by outsiders, your personal data is in their use:
– collecting statistics, which is created by special programs,
– providing information to law enforcement agencies about violations of the law.
– private interests.
– fraud.


Checking browser privacy

So, there are several options to help maintain anonymity on the Internet:
– Creating multiple accounts. Since a user’s identity is also verified through email, it is recommended to create multiple accounts.
– Don’t use domestic sites. If anonymity is still important to you, avoid Russian sites because interested parties can get information about you through them.
– Change your connection point. Don’t sit in one place with your gadgets, but move around – that way you can confuse those who are interested in you.

There are also software ways to stay anonymous online.
– Proxy servers are an intermediary program between you and the page you need to open. When you send a request, it will be redirected to the right server and sent to the correct address.

– VPN – a combination of several methods and technologies, thanks to which a secure channel is created between you and the network and your data is not available for monitoring.

– TOR is free software created specifically to provide anonymity on the network. The user’s request reaches the site when sent, and the response goes through a complex technical chain consisting of several proxy servers.

Privacy Check with Proxy Verification Service

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