How to change your IP address in VKontakte and other social networks


VKontakte Ip address – what is it

So, you probably know that every computer has its own digital address – IP, which translates as “Internet Protocol”. IP is required to access the network and to communicate between computers. Knowing the IP address gives you all the important information about the device, including country, city, and service provider. Of course, this technical data refers to the computer, not the user.

As for the IP address of VKontakte, we can say that it is the same ID, but it is given personally to each registered user. When registering in the social network VKontakte a person is assigned a digital address of the page (ID), for example But each of you can change such an address to a more beautiful and interesting one. Before we tell you how to change the IP address in VKontakte, let’s understand why users need it:
1. Create a beautiful page address that is easy to remember.
2. A way to stand out from the crowd.
3. Make Money. If you’re promoting your business and of course, a nice neat ID will look more representative, more serious, more profitable than a bunch of obscure numbers.
4. Just for fun, from nothing to do.

To change your digital ID, follow these steps:

– go to your VKontakte page, click the down arrow next to your photo and click settings in the window that opens,
– then at the bottom of the general tab in the “page address” click “change”,
– in the window that will open, instead of a digital page ID, write the desired address in Latin letters (just make sure it is not occupied),
– Press “save”.

As a rule, ID and IP are the same thing. But within specific services. If the VKontakte ID was given at registration and has remained with you forever, you can change the IP, but that’s a topic for another article.


Can you find out VKontakte IP by ID?

You can not find out the IP of VKontakte in the usual ways, as it is not provided by the system. This information is confidential. But with the help of tricks – legal and not so legal ways, it is possible. You can even change the IP of VKontakte with the help of special programs.

How to hide your IP address in VKontakte.
Each of you at least once faced with the desire to hide your IP address from outsiders. Why? For example, to visit pages on the Internet anonymously, avoiding the blocking of your IP, etc. Special programs can help you with this.

How to change an IP address in VKontakte

You can change the IP address of VKontakte in the following ways:
Using a separate proxy-server (the best option)
2. Using the program Tor, which you can download to your computer. With it you can not only hide your IP VKontakte, but also change the old one to a new one.
3. through private VPN services. This network not only encrypts transmitted data, but also allows you to hide your IP and change it.
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