What is WebRTC


WebRTC is a network protocol developed by Google in 2013. The system is easy to use – it does not require the participation of other programs and extensions. It is used by the manufacturers of Google Chrome browser and other browsers based on it: Opera, Mozilla Firewox, Yandex, Safari.
WebRTC can be used for real-time video conferencing, audio and video content transmission between browsers and computers and any mobile devices.

How WebRTC works and what are its benefits

To start using WebRTC, you need to do the following steps:
– Open a page with a video tag. The browser will then ask for permission to use the microphone and camera.
– Confirm access permission for further action.
– Ask for information about the user to whom you want to send content or other data. Wait for consent.
– After receiving a positive answer, the system starts the encoding process and transmits the data to the interlocutor. If you need to send information to several people, you need to install a special service.
Advantages of “WebRTC”:
– higher speed,
– less delay in video conferencing, audio and video content transmission.
Despite the convenience, using WebRTC can be insecure, as any third-party Internet resource can use the system to access your IP address. This is called a WebRTC leak and is a threat to your privacy.


How WebRTC leaks happen

The only negative that can cause Internet users to stop using the WebRTC protocol is IP address leaks. How it happens. When two devices communicate with each other, their IP addresses must be exchanged. Exchanging data requires a direct connection and the exchange of external and local IP addresses. With a direct connection, network parameters are ignored and leakage occurs via the ICE -Interactive ConnectivityEstablishment protocol, which uses several methods for detection, and we’ll look at two:
– “STUN/TURN”-servers will easily detect your IP because:
1 allow you to ask, “What public IP addresses do I have?” and it directly affects your privacy.
2 to simplify the operation and interaction of two devices with each other
– Detecting the host by fraudulent means to determine your IP address.
In the case of leaks, you should disable WebRTC completely or look for options to block these leaks.


How to check for WebRTC leaks

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