How to check if ipv4 works


What is IPv4

IPv4 is a protocol that transmits data packets. It is present in every computer and is the link in the exchange of information on the Internet. The protocol looks like this: “”.
The protocol contains unique IP addresses. They are:
– publicly used on the global Internet.
– Private, used, for example, by a company to create a local network.
IP addresses can also be divided into static and dynamic. The essence of the dynamic address is that if a subscriber of any provider changes his IP address to a new one by rebooting the router, the old one is transferred to another subscriber.
Simply put, IPv4 is a normal IP address. But we can use it to encrypt our real IP and access the Internet under someone else’s address with complete impunity.


Where IPv4 is used

The scope of IPv4 is vast. Proxies are used for:
– Hiding your real IP address,
– video games,
– Anonymous web surfing,
– Accessing restricted pages from your IP,
– Certain types of software,
– access to sites blocked by Roskomnadzor, and so on.


How to check ipv4

You can check the validity of proxies online and with special programs. We recommend using our service to check the IPv4 proxy. With the service, you will learn all the necessary information – we guarantee the most accurate results.
If you constantly work with private proxies, we advise you to download our service on your computer. The software is compatible with ipv4 on any version of Windows. Easy to use, the capabilities of the program allows you to find a solution for all your requirements.
Keep in mind that if you are working with a large number of servers at the same time, it is important to check from time to time, because when you work with proxies for a long time, they can fail. There is no need to panic, our service will check if the proxies you are using are working properly. Please note that problems are mainly caused by free proxies. There is no control over them and there are no guarantees of their longevity.
Paid IP-addresses provide stable work, and in case of failure there is a possibility of replacement. However, there are exceptions, so it is advisable to check the validity of purchased servers as well.
If you work with a small number of servers, you can check IP addresses using a web source. Using specialized services saves time, so you don’t have to constantly enter a new address and change your browser settings. For these purposes and to facilitate the task you can also use our website.


Where to check ipv4 address for free

If you need to check a small number of ipv4 servers, you can do it on our site for free. In just a few seconds you will receive an answer to your request.

What options our service provides the user

We offer our customers many options:
– Check ipv4 and ipv6 on “Mac OS”, “Windows”, “Linux”,
– check HTTP(S) and SOCKS proxies,
– check proxies with login/password authorization pair and public IP,
– check and define the proxy country/region protocol,
– check that the ipv4 gateway is open.


Proxy Speed Test

You also have the option to test your internet speed. If you notice that internet pages have become slower to load, just find out your IP address, enter the string provided by the service and you will get the result.