How to configure IPv6 on your phone


Setting up ipv6 on iPhone with MTS cellular operator

Today MTS subscribers and iPhone owners can enjoy high-speed mobile Internet, including enhanced access to network portals that are not limited to the usual framework. This is due to the fact that MTS has switched its subscribers to a new protocol IPv6, thanks to which the speed has increased by 10 times.


What is ipv6 in MTS

IPv6 protocol in MTS is a system with unique IP addresses, which saved subscribers from unnecessary filters when using the Internet. However, only advanced users who are able to cope with difficulties on their own should use filters.


Benefits of the protocol

IPv6 has tangible advantages:
– Performs only important actions, so download speeds remain high.
– works worldwide, excluding regions with insufficient technical capabilities.
– You can set a white IP address on your smartphone, although it was impossible to do this before. Works great, you just need to configure it correctly.
– Allows you to bypass blocked sites and portals. However, you will need to install antivirus software to do this.
– You can use all services for free and even get access to a new group of addresses.
– The ability to disable the filter if necessary.


How to enable ipv6 on your iPhone

In the arsenal of protocols white IP addresses that have access to the external Internet. To fully use the protocol, you must activate the free service IPv6 Access.

The functions of IP-address verification on different devices

If you can’t independently confirm your IP after connecting the service, you can use our proxy verification service. When you contact us, we guarantee that you’ll validate the necessary information accurately. Service works on Windows, Android, iOS, and immediately after opening the page all the necessary information will be displayed on the screen.

Setting ipv6 MTS on iPhone

To configure the protocol ipv6 MTS on iPhone, you need to install the necessary VPN and the correct protocol ipv6 on your phone. You can purchase services on our website. Then do the following:
– go to your phone settings,
– set access point,
– specify option ipv6 in a line APN,
– Press “to save”.

How to configure ipv6 mts on iPhone using proxy checker service

Proxy Checker – one of the popular services, which has a simple and clear interface, a wide range of solutions and options for each individual case. Proxy will help you to solve your problem quickly and for free. We have all the necessary tools for that.


The IPv6 protocol is much more modern than its predecessor IPv4 because it is based on a 128-bit system, which greatly expands the possibilities. You get a white IP address that allows you to visit even those sites where you were previously blocked, plus the IPv6 protocol has improved security.