How to check internet speed in Windows


Computer users are often faced with low Internet speed. You’ve probably noticed that despite fast Internet, you are haunted by some troubles that affect the comfortable and efficient work online: regularly freezes Internet, long loading pages, slow video on YouTube etc.

Causes affecting your Internet speed

Before you decide to measure your Internet speed, figure out what affects its quality. There can be several reasons for this:
– Problems with the service provider,
– Internet congestion, especially in the evening hours,
– Use of programs-loaders, affecting the speed of loading pages,
– Viruses and malicious files that attack your computer or phone,
– Operating system settings,
– The quality of your Internet connection – the right wires, the right outlets, the right cable,
– Parameters of the equipment you use to connect to the network: Wi-Fi router, network adapter, and so on).

How to check the Internet speed

Before deciding what actions to take to increase the speed of the Internet, you first need to know the right indicator at the moment. Check the speed provided by your ISP in the “Network and Sharing Center”. You can simplify and see the internet speed in your contract. You can also use online services that will not only process your request quickly, but also help you get the most reliable results. All you have to do is enter your IP address.


Where to check the speed of the Internet in Windows

In our practice, there are cases where the speed claimed by the provider did not correspond to reality. Therefore, periodic testing of the indicators indicated by the provider definitely does not hurt.

We offer you to use our service of checking the speed of the Internet on your computer, phone, tablet or laptop. Our online test will allow you to find out
– reliable information about the incoming/outgoing speed between your computer (phone) and the Internet,
– the response time to user actions,
– Test Time.


How to use the test service

To check the speed of your Internet connection, use our proxy checking service. This is a versatile online service that helps you do this for free. Our main goal is to perform quick and high-quality checks. Proxy Checker has a simple and intuitive interface. By contacting our service, we guarantee a reliable and accurate check of the necessary data in an unlimited amount. We already have all the necessary tools for this.

To check the speed of your Internet, simply enter your IP in the field provided by the system. You will get the result right away. Repeat the test several times for more reliable results.

Important! Be sure to turn off videos, music, stop downloading files and programs before checking.


The result of the IP speed test

If you’re a fan of watching movies online, avid user of social networks and entertainment portals, the ideal speed for a pleasant work is 4 megabits per second. For foreign sites, because they load more slowly, this figure is higher, but 10 megabits per second is enough for them.