Check your proxy and firewall settings


What is a proxy server

The word “proxy server” is widely known, but not all Internet users know what it is, what it is for and how to use it.
To put it simply, a proxy server is a remote computer that mediates between a user and the Internet. Incoming/outgoing requests you send go through the “connection link” – the proxy server, which can change your computer identification data: country, region, your IP-address.


What a proxy server is used for

As a rule, a proxy server is used by people who solve various important tasks on the Internet, but it can also be useful for ordinary people. Here are a few cases:
– Bypassing fines on Internet resources (freelance exchange, forum, game portals and so on). If for some reason your AI was banned and blocked, having a proxy will help you to re-register at these sites and you can continue to work, play and communicate without problems.
– Restriction of access to Internet resources on the basis of region. Often you can see a message on such portals “viewing this program is prohibited to show in your region”. In this case, a proxy can help you bypass the restriction.
– Writing reviews on specialized portals.
– Preserving complete anonymity if necessary.
– Internet acceleration.


How to check proxy and firewall settings

If you encounter an error and see the inscription: “check proxy and firewall settings,” you need to configure your browser via a proxy server. To do this, you will need to buy a proxy. You can find one on the Internet by yourself, but you can use our proxy checking service to make your work as comfortable as possible.

Our site provides users with the latest free proxies they have
excellent speed, durability and high level of anonymity. Free proxies are designed to bypass blocked access to sites “forbidden” by the laws of the country, work or study. Finding public addresses on the Internet is not difficult, but to ensure pleasant work, you need to know how to choose the right IP for certain tasks. So, ipv4 proxy versions are suitable for promotion of accounts in Russian social networks, but if you want to freely visit foreign web portals, it is better to buy ipv6.

We also offer appropriate servers with support for HTTP (S) and SOCKS protocols, designed for work and work on the Internet. Available – IP addresses of Russia, USA, European countries and neighboring countries.
This extensive list of proxy servers allows you to quickly find an IP address without wasting time searching the Internet. Database of checked addresses is regularly updated.


Where to check the proxy server and firewall settings

After you’ve purchased free proxies, you’ll need to do the following:
– Filter servers by country,
– determine the closest server,
– memorize the offered IP address and port,
– open the “network” section in the browser settings,
– open the “settings” window and click on the “configure” button,
– enter the data into the appropriate field,
– Restart the browser.